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And I'm sure they will

NWbeginner wrote:

Sounds like a great way to justify rate increases.

And I can't recall them needing an excuse, but their afraid of losing money. No matter what they charge, they will lose money in a global catatrophe.

Their recognition of Global Warming started with the Reinsurance industry. Big companies that insure the consummer insurance companies.

But it they DIDN'T come out on this topic, then they would be sited as proof that Global Warming isn't happening....

In fact in duscussions I had in the late 90's people DID site the insurance companies as PROOF that there was no global warming.

And the Party Line is changing as reality becomes harder and harder to deny.

First they denied it, now most of those same deniers, admit that it is occuring, but claim it has nothing to do with human activity.

And now some of them are saying "It's a good thing."

Fanatics can never be argued with.


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