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J A K wrote:

"NT" means no text.

Joe Kurkjian, Pbase Supporter


sixties or seventies which call the clean air and water acts the result of listening to environmental whacko's - "JUNK SCIENCE."

Why if we raised emission and milage standards America would collapse.

"Impossible unrealistic goals"

And here we are, whining and complaining that the makers of our cameras are not implementing technology fast enough. Why back when I bought my first computer, a hard drive was out of the question. I remember my first computer - One Meg of memory, 8 Mhz in speed - My first hard drive, $800 for 10 megs.

Clearly we humans can't do a damn thing about global warming, raising emmision of milage standards is just another way of destroying the country, but we sure can develop digital cameras, a device that didn't exist not to long ago...

And listen to this! We can DOUBLE gas milage with present technology, and that DOESN'T count technologies like hybrid vehicles.

Must be leftist propaganda. And I better go back to my pinhole camera/


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