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Why is it

that when faced with opinions, even when you disagree, political fanatics (of the right or left) refute the messenger and not the message?

Everyone on earth has a skeleton in their closet, everyone can be "discredited."

But what about the message? The question of global warming and the scientific concensus on the topic developed before Mr. Gore made his movie.

Now the political right has a new argument. The issue is not Global Warming - The issue is Al Gore.

Gosh. I guess I should defend Mr. Gore? First I suppose I should go out and see his movie?

After all, as we all know, all the scientists had no opinion on this subject until they saw the movie. They are all left wing fanatics, members of Move-on, and scientists are their helpless dupes.

Deecy wrote:

Your mistaken, it's taken right off an Al Qaeda net site, part of their campaign to destroy America.

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