Why Canon EOS400D recieves more clicks than the D80?

Started Mar 26, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Why Canon EOS400D recieves more clicks than the D80?

Hello Nikons,

just wondering,how come,a good camera like the D80,recieves less clicks than the Canon 400D.Ok the Canon veterans still see the Nikon as noisy at high ISO,and they are quite right.Deviating a bit off subject, recently I spoke to a full time Canon veteran and he was impressed about the Nikon D200.When I asked if the D80 had more noise than the D200 at high ISO,he said 'Yes',and this worried me a bit!Now with the same sensor like the D200,what do you nikons out there think,is the D80 noisier than the D200 at higher ISO say above ISO800?

Back to my orginal argument,I have been following for a long time the number of clicks on the cameras,and whilst Nikon D80 is on the decrease ever since,now even more that the D40X is out,I ask myself ,how come a good camera like the D80,generates less interest amongst people than teh competition.

Ok ,it might be that a large number of clicks generated in Canon 400D,are by committed canon users,and not new comers,and since Canon have a bigger market share,than Nikon,this might explain some things,but really,would love to hear your opinions on this matter.I have the D80,my first DSLR ,and really love it.Thanks

Nikon D80
50 f1.8

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