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What do I care about Mr. Gore?

Al Patterson wrote:

Receding yes, but growing thicker.

As the termperature warms, snow becomes possible. Normally there is very little snow in the Polar regions, as the temperature warms, both Greenland and Antarctica gain in snow and lose in ice. But in either place the result is more melt - which is why sea levels are rising.

Believe Mr Gore if you want, but I don't buy a word of it. I'm not
changing my lifestyle until Gore and his liberal Hollywood buddies
lead by example.

Good for you. I neither believe or doubt Mr. Gore. Mr. Gore made a movie. I haven't seen the movie, the movie doesn't affect my views. I'm glad he made a movie - who cares?

Primarily, scieintific consensur affects my views. Seeing changes that I personally have seen and can confirm in scientific literature affect my views.

You can repeat the latest Party Line that the issue is Mr. Gore...

Sorry, the scientific community is not interested in Mr. Gore.

Mr. Gore has apparently become an excuse to avoid thinking. I'm sorry that thinking is so difficult and that he has become a boggyman that dances around in your mind...

If Global Warming is bad, anyone flying as much
as they do should be ashamed of themselves, even if they buy their
Carbon Indulgences.

What does the above have to do with Anything?

It's all the eco whackos trying to force their anti-industrial
leftist agitprop, plain and simple. Warming is part of a normal
process, and we humans can't change it, even if we want to. And by
the way, where I live was under water millions of years ago, and I
KNOW that were I to live long enough, it will be again.

"Envionmental Whacko's?"

"Warming is a normal process?

Why not add that air pollution is a normal process? And after all, what can we do about it? The earth is huge, pollution is caused by the Gods who are angry at us. Too bad, nothing to be done. And what does it matter? It doesn't really do anything to us. So what if our water has an odor? Probably additional nutrients?

And look at all the damage the environmental whackos' have done in the past? Useed to be that many of the streams and rivers in the East, were a healthy brown or green in color. And despite predictions that cleaning the air would destroy America, we stopped much of this pollutions and now the water no longer contains these "healthy nutrients," and just as predicted, America is no more...

And would you believe it? When I was a kid you couldn't see the stars in Westchester County, and now old eyes or not, you can. All those heathy nutrients were removed from the air.

Darn those whacko's.


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