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Re: Confused about RAW and iPhoto5

I can't believe anyone hasn't mentioned Lightroom. I used the free beta version and have had version 1 now for a month and just love it! One of the biggest downsides of iphoto for me is that it makes a duplicate of everything. I too am a space horder and the thought of my pictures taking up twice the space they need is too much for me. I never liked iphotos file system becaue one you get out of iphoto and into another application (PS for instance) your albums aren't visible.

Lightroom is a gem to work with. It is easy to make changes and relatively easy to learn. I love the print module, particularly how you can make your own templates to print off whatever configuration you want. For example I love 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 photos and wanted a template software that I could set that size and then move my photo around within it until I get it just where I want it. I can do that in lightroom. But that's just one little thing I like about it there is much more to it. Check it out.

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