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Re: Danger, wait for update

Barry Pearson wrote:

I assume that same code is used whenever the DNG Converter is used
on an X3F file?


(This appears to be the one case where, even if the
"Convert to linear image" option is not set, the DNG Converter does
so anyway).

There is no way to support Foveon X3 data in DNG without publishing intimate details of the off-sensor data, which is Foveon's intellectual property. (It would be pointless for us to define a DNG format that is not documented well enough that other raw converters can convert the data into a displayable image.) I'm told Foveon has published more details of the X3F format since this was originally decided, so it is possible we may be able to do X3 native in DNG at some point in the future, but it isn't really a pressing issue.


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