New D80 18-135mm Kit Lens Question

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Re: New D80 18-135mm Kit Lens Question

I went to the zoo today (very bright day here in FL) and took some photos with different zoom ranges to test out the 18-135mm lens on the D80 and was pretty disappointed with the results. I had the camera set on aperture priority in order to make sure that I got a lot of light and had the auto ISO set to 400 max (I hate grain). Well, I discovered that in the 135mm range most of my shots were somewhat blurry due to the lack of a tripod and that even a lot of the 70mm shots were blurred.

I'm going to take some shots tonight with this lens and then switch it out with the D70's 18-70mm lens to compare aperture and shutter speeds. I'm pretty sure that (as tom mentioned earlier) the 18-70mm is 4.5 at 70mm while the 18-135mm is 5.6 at 70mm.

I also noticed that the 18-135mm lens does not have a display for the manual focus. If I need to set the focus to say.. infinity, how am I supposed to know exactly how far to turn the dial?

Since I mostly shoot portraits, I'm thinking of possibly exchanging my lens to the 18-70mm (I don't really have a need for the extra range). I bought the D80 kit from B&H Photo and was wondering if you guys think they'd accept an exchange and how I should go about it. It's my first time doing business with them..

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the help

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