the polar bear climate change photo

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Err, no

Chipsthe1 wrote:

Chato wrote:

The question has nothing to do with what goes on here on earth.

And the ice pack in the Antartic is growing.

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Shoot lots of pictures, always fill the frame

You may be 75, a bit jaded, seen a lot of death, etc, etc...

But I, a young man, one year short of sixty disagree. I'm not married, have no children, but as part of a strange phenomena, feel connected to the human race, of which I actually believe myself to be an integral part...

No, the Antarctic ice pack is receding...

The Persiads

The glowing embers of a comet
Come again to light up the
blue black sky
Glowing greens with their trails
of white dust
I see them and see reality

Once again my insignificance
is restored
And once again I know I'm

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