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TomFid wrote:

The fact that weather is unpredictable does not mean that climate
is unpredictable. I can't predict how far a given pixel on my
camera will deviate from neutral if I photograph a gray card, but I
can reliably predict that the standard deviation of a bunch of
pixels will be higher at ISO 1600 than ISO 100.

You are comparing something that has relatively few variables, i.e., the pixels in your camera, to something that has many, many variables, i.e., the weather. Or, if you prefer, the climate. Or, as Mark Twain supposedly said, "Everyone talks about the weather but nobody ever does anything about it."

Again, I have no idea whether global warming is occurring or not. It might upset some to know that I really do not much care. I have grown old, experienced much, seen far too many killed and wounded, and have become a bit jaded. There are things that I get excited about, that make me a bit angry, and that make me concerned about the future. Global warming is not high on my list of things to worry about.

Shoot lots of pictures, always fill the frame

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Shoot lots of pictures, always fill the frame

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