CIS for R1800: moving to Efillink a good choice? (sorry long)

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CIS for R1800: moving to Efillink a good choice? (sorry long)

Hi there,

First, forgive the grammatical mistakes as english is not my native language.

I'm looking for your guidance but also wants to share my experience with a generic CIS. To be exact, after trying a generic CIS (sold by a number of e-bay stores) on my R1800, I'm now looking to try something else.

The generic system was so cheap I tought why not? I decided to buy it with good quality pigments ink from MIS. I installed the system two weeks ago (I bought it about 6 months ago) when I finally ran out of OEM Epson ink.

I should have listen to the opinions here on the forum before buying a cheap system. Here's my experience with the generic CIS:

-The system looks good for the price and was shipped quickly.

-Installation was quite simple. I did have to request the instructions to the seller because it was not included in the box but the seller replied the next day by e-mail with attached file for installation.

-First prints were ok. A little less saturation and glossiness than Epson inks but it was expected from MIS inks (mentionned on their web page).. The color adjustment they suggest brings it closer to OEM. I was prepared to make my own profiles but first results were quite good.
-A positive note for this ink, way less bronzing than Epson's

-On the 3rd day, after having to clean the printheads (not a very bad clog, happens sometimes with OEM inks too), the autoreset chips went crazy.

-It started with the yellow cartridge. The printer was not able to recognize the chip anymore.

-The seller gave some basic support (take the dampers out, in, turn off the printer, unplug, cartriges in, out, apply force to the damper....) but the problem spread to other dampers (cyan and magenta).

-Trying OEM chips on the CIS faulty dampers confirmed that the problem was with auto-reset chips and not the printer.

-I suspect the "looseness" of the dampers in the printer leads to bad contacts and damages to the chips.

-Beyond this point, the seller stopped responding to my e-mails... I knew it was over. For the price I paid, I was not really mad, I took the risk and accept to live with the consequences.

I then decided to look for a chipset to replace the faulty chips of the CIS. I was surprised to see that an 8 chips chipset for the R1800 sells for anywhere between 15 to 130S$ ! Wow! Where does this difference comes from? I asked for information from 2 or 3 companies selling these chipsets. They all replied but I decided to go whit the efillink offer.

After sending my payment, I was suprised to receive an e-mail from Efillink to inquire why I was ordering a chipset, if I was planning to use it with OEM, refilables or dampers from another CIS and so on. He mentionned that he wanted to make sure that I'll be satisfied with the product and be able to provide good support. When I explained my problems with the generic CIS, he even tried to help me solve my problem, gave a lot of technical explainations and things to look for in keeping a CIS up and running. He also told me that he's using the same ink as MIS (selling it a little cheaper). I was impressed by his support and technical knowledge about his and competitors CIS (I'm an engineer and sensible to technocal knowledge).

Last evening I decided to buy anotehr CIS. I went trought the reviews on this forum and afterwards checked CIS from Inkrepublik and Efillink.

I'm actually leaning torwards the Efillink option for the following reasons:
-good reviews (inkrepublic also have good reviews)

-technical properties of the system (pressure management, no tube clips, ink module with low ink reminder etc.)
-seller already gave good support and prove technical knowledge
-compatible with the ink I already have
-empty system a little cheaper than Inkrepublic
-visual aspect (nice looking module, hiden bottles).

Anybody wants to comment on the decision I'm about to make? Think I'm going the right way but your comments are welcome.

Will buy in a few days.

Thanks in advance.

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