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Re: I don't want to be misconstrued...

I am not sure what you studied, but their have been significant changes to the earth in the 20th century.

I have not seen one peer reviewed article stating that there is no global warming. Even Exxon Mobile that has funded many of the think tanks that try to buy research that will contradict global warming, has now in public statements has said it exists. The projected warming over the next century have a large range, but the projections are 1 - 6 degrees centigrade.

The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has also been measured, and there is no scientific doubt that human's are responsible for the increased rate of accumulation.

The current disputes in the scientific comunity are how much will the tempuratures increase, and how much human activity is responsible. If you have studied, I am curious which materials you are studying, because they clearly have given you a flawed understanding.

Now to the point of al gore. There is a dispute on whether he is fat. The general consensus is yes, but some such as Michael more think gore is not fat. I understand that some documentary makers like michael more may have valued opinions but maybe their view of the topic is flawed. Does gore use more energy than he should? I think so, but I actually believe we should reduce our carbon footprint. obviously some prefer consume conspicuously. Pres bush has a much smaller ranch, and uses alternative energy.

But the real issue should be misrepresnting photography. This is an ugly misuse of a photograph. I believe that photos can convey messages, even though they are staged. But when these are used to make a point, or worse in a news story (lebanon recently) to misrepresent facts we should all be outraged.

Ryan McDaniel wrote:

Matt Nelson wrote:

Wow - the anti-global-warming voices here are pretty scary.
Complete denial that there may be any merit in the opposing camp's

I went off on a rant because I was in a bad mood and things like
the polar bear photo annoy me. It scares me that a crowd of people
can be so ignorant as to be pushed to panic by a photo of bears
clinging to ice.

My humble opinion? Man's CO2 output probably has some impact on
climate, but that impact is below the threshold of natural
variability. We can't detect our own signature, it's background

I'm perfectly open to evidence I'm wrong, and keep up on the latest
literature as best as I can. For the record, screaming that ALL
scientists agree or showing photos of polar bears does not
constitute evidence.

The people who are the most hysterical about climate change are the
ones who have never studied Earth's climate history. I have.
Nothing unusual happened in the 20th century.

On the one hand, you've got a bunch of scientists saying "Human
activity is causing the planet to warm." On the other hand, you've
got a bunch of scientists saying "Human activity is NOT causing the
planet to warm."

At best, there is some debate about the issue

I would be fine if the "other side" could admit there's a debate,
rather than resorting to personal attacks to discredit people they
disagree with.

(OK, OK...I know I attacked Gore...but there's just something wrong
with him telling me how to live when he is the most wasteful human
on Earth.)

The problem is, we've only got one planet to experiment with. If
it's true that humans are changing climate (either warm or cool,
btw), then we are on the road to really screwing up the planet in
ways that we may never be able to reverse.

Study the planet's climate history.

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