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Re: More ignorance...

If you really read scientific papers, you know what an "impact factor" is.

For the journal you mentionned, Environmental Geology, it's 0.654. nothing strong here.

And, as others have pointed it, G. V. Chilingar is a petroleum geologist. Maybe what he says is too "polarized"...


PS : I read scientif papers everyday.

Ryan McDaniel wrote:

I get the impression that none of you people ever read any
scientific papers, do you?

It's easy to fall hook, line, and sinker for the claim that ALL
scientists agree when you don't actually read anything by
scientists, but simply watch the nightly news.

There's no consensus, as if science was ever determined by
consensus to begin with. Opinions are all over the map. Some think
man is background noise. Others think he has an impact, but not
significant. Still others think it's significant, but not worth
worrying about. And still others would agree with the "sky is
falling" crowd.

The "sky is falling" crowd is pretty much centered at the U.N. btw.

Let me get you started with just one paper here: Khilyuk, L.F., and
G. V. Chilingar. 2006. On global forces of nature driving the
Earth’s climate. Are humans involved? Environmental Geology, 50,

Have fun!

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