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Chipsthe1 wrote:

dipics wrote:

That's why I follow the actual peer reviewed science journals.
Instead of playing to the ignorant, they have to convince actual
scientists that they are right.

So then you are in agreement as well with some religous sects who
believe that the time for human life on earth is rapidly drawing
near. Interesting.

I am? Why would I think that the "time for human life on earth is drawing near". We're already here so the time is obviously now.

Nor do I believe that the end of that time is near. We are a very adaptable species after all.

And, I'm willing to believe that most members of these sects believe that we need oxygen. Does the possibility that these people are flakes mean that we really DON'T need oxygen? That's a type of logical fallacy called an "association fallacy". It goes something like "The Nazi's wore shoes, The Nazi's were evil, so wearing shoes must be evil."


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