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Re: False Argument

kessler wrote:

Matt Nelson wrote:

On the one hand, you've got a bunch of scientists saying "Human
activity is causing the planet to warm." On the other hand, you've
got a bunch of scientists saying "Human activity is NOT causing the
planet to warm."

You could make this argument about almost anything. There are some
scientists that argue the evolution occurs and others that argue it
doesn't. Does that mean it's a debated issue among scientists?

I am a scientist in a related field to climate sutdies and I don't
recall ever speaking personally to a scientist that argued there is
not global warming. I've never seen a talk at a conference in
which anit-global warm was pesented either.

All I'm saying is that it smacks of bias to present this as if
there is no general consensus.

It smacks of bias to consider your personal experience as representative of anything. Maybe you live in the boondocks, or maybe you avoid the conferences where you would meet and talk to the dissenters. How should I know?

One think I do know, and you should know this to if you're in a field of science: the scientific method is NOT ABOUT CONSENSUS.

The Catholic church had a consensus on Earth being the center of universe. That didn't make them scientific or right.

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