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I gather that neither you nor I are scientists. But it is a fact that all the sceintific organisations have accepted the theory of human made global warming. You may if you choose call them whatever names you want - But such is the case. Moreover this consensus developed before Al Gore became a headline figure on this question.

Gore is a concerned citizen and made a movie - Fine. He is not the subject of this debate.

Scientists NEVER said that there was a danger of a global freeze. These were newspaper reports which "said" that this is what science was claiming. It is completely false.

The scieintific community REJEECTED both the idea of global warming and the idea that is was caused by humans. This was thirty years ago. But the data has mounted and the scieintific community has slowly changed their minds - To the point where they no longer feel that this is even a debatable question.

There is in fact a tremendous amount of intellectual dishonesty amongst those attacking this reality. Whether the so called "Petititon Project," or the rather grotesque comments found in the Neocon press.

This is not a liberal issue. And I say this despite the fact that environmental groups have long said this is the case - They were MOCKED by the very SAME people who now agree with them.

How important is the Polar Bear?

How important is the canary that coal minors carry down in the shafts?

So whether we are talking about Polar bears, or the fact that numerous speices of animals are changing their ranges, in a manner never seen before. These are symptoms of what is going on. I am a bird hunter and I find it amusing to read that the American Oystercatcher is never seen north of Virginia. I am amused of course because I photograph (New York) them every summer - Yet that is what my fieldguide of 1937 states. And my field guide of 1964 states that the occasionally wonder as far north as Deleware. The same is true for dozens of species.

Thank you, but I belive the canary when he keels over from a lack of oxegen and not the mine owner who tells me that all is well.


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