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Re: You would think that there are those who welcome global warming

I don't think there is much debate over the fact that the earth is in a warming cycle, nor that the consequences could be unfortunate. The debate seems to to what extent carbon dioxide caused by fossil fuel combustion is responsible. The respected scientists interviewed in BBC's "The Great Global Warming Swindle" point out that historical evidence show CO2 increases lag behind warming by 500 - 1000 years, which would make it seem to be an unlikely culprit. At any rate, there do seem to be two sides to the story. Nevertheless, it would seem prudent to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, especially petroleum, because they are a finite resource, and at the very least contribute to air pollution and various respiratory diseases. So it's probably a very good thing to do, even if it's for possibly the wrong reason.

I recently talked to a climatologist who had given a talk on the implications of global warming for agriculture in the US. When I prodded him about the contirbution of anthropogenic sources to the current warming trend, he indicated he felt it was somewhere between 0 and 25%. He thought closer to zero, but did not want to be quoted. He suggested that publicly going against the current politically correct positions would reduce his chances for advancement in his university and for research funds.

I am not a climatologist nor an atmospheric scientist, so I have no idea who is right. I do know that not every scientist in those fields blames anthropogenic sources for the warming trend, and I believe they have a right to have their views publicized and held up to scientific scrutiny. History records at least a few people whose views differed from those generally held and who were ridiculed but ultimately vindicated.
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