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Chato wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:


The earth has been "warming" for 10,000 years now. Since the last
ice age ended. We are in an "interglacial" period, which is what
happens when the natural cycle of warming and cooling occurs. In
fact, 800 years ago the earth was considerably warmer than it is
today. And there were no SUVs to blame for it back then....

Yes, of course the earth's temperature varies enourmously over
time. The time in question in VERY short.

No, it's not. There's nothing in the climate record to suggest that a 0.6C rise over a century is outside natural variability or excessive.

Of course there is NO scientific date. You are left with the
reality that all of the climatologist organisations without
exception buy into this "religion."

No they do not. Of course this is an extremely WEAK argument either way. Anyone can get a few people together and start an "organization." Appeal to authority is a fallacy, and is not science.

All you can do is point to
three of four scientists who disagree.

There are far more than that who disagree.

But I don't make my decisions based on scientists voting, because appeal to common belief is also a fallacy, and not science. Science is NOT determined by consensus. E = MC2 is not considered true because of a vote. It is true because its predictions match experimental observation.

You might want to read a piece by Michael Crichton.

Incidentally, since Global Warming Alarmism had been thoroughly
debunked by real science, the environmental whackos have switched
it to "Global Climate Change" as their real concern. All their past
predictions of "Ice Age 1975" were wrong. Every 10 years Al Gore
tells us we have "ten years left before the planet dies."

Al Gore is not the issue. The issue is Global Warming and ALL the
climatologist groups are in 100 percent agreement.

If you haven't gotten the hint yet, these are fallacies:

  • Claiming that ALL people agree with you.

  • Defining those that don't agree with you as cranks so that you can continue, in your mind, to make the claim that ALL people (who are not cranks) agree with you.

  • Appealing to the authority or beliefs of any organization or group. Science is NOT a vote!

Please read the piece by Michael Crichton.

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