the polar bear climate change photo

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So true...

Marty4650 wrote:

The very next step is they will criminalize disagreement with them.
I'm not making this up. The EU is actually considering making
"Global Warming Denial" a crime....

I've heard something to that effect, but haven't looked it up. That is truly chilling.

Incidentally, since Global Warming Alarmism had been thoroughly
debunked by real science, the environmental whackos have switched
it to "Global Climate Change" as their real concern. All their past
predictions of "Ice Age 1975" were wrong. Every 10 years Al Gore
tells us we have "ten years left before the planet dies."

LOL! I remember Ted Danson on Letterman telling the audience we had about 10 years to save the planet. That was over 10 years ago.

I guess we're doomed then. I'm going to go shoot some pictures before it all falls apart

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