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Symbolic of the fraudulent climate _skeptic_ movement

Ryan McDaniel wrote:

Let's see...we have the infamous "hockey stick" graph showing
dramatic warming, beyond anything in Earth's history, in just the
past century. Completely and thoroughly debunked as a lie and
quietly removed from the U.N.'s latest report (even though many
enviros no doubt still use it).

How exactly does a graph that starts in the year 1000 show warming "beyond anything in Earth's history"? Even if there are technical issues with one study, how do you get a "thorough debunking" from the fact that multiple studies arrive at similar results, using different temperature proxies and statistics, including robust nonparametric methods? Are you sure that temperature reconstructions have been removed from the latest report? (Hint: the full AR4 WGI report hasn't been published yet.)

Then we have the computer simulations predicting run away warming
for the 21st century. That is, as long as you feed them the "right"
inputs. Only problem is they're not matching what we've observed in
just the few years we've been using them to alarm the world. So the
U.N. quietly reduced their predicted range of warming in the latest

Could you please link some peer-reviewed articles about those computer simulations? Or perhaps you prefer Patrick Michaels' fraudulent debunking of correct predictions by removing lines from graphs?

The IPCC Third Assessment Report writes:

"Climate sensitivity is likely to be in the range of 1.5 to 4.5°C. This estimate is unchanged from the first IPCC Assessment Report in 1990 and the SAR. The climate sensitivity is the equilibrium response of global surface temperature to a doubling of equivalent CO2 concentration."

In the Fourth Assessment the range is 2 to 4.5, with a best guess of 3. Predicted temperature changes for various scenarios are also similar across reports. There has been no quiet reduction.

What a pathetic joke this all is. And to think of all the time and
money wasted on "global warming" while their are children in the
world starving to death.

I'm sure the future citizens of coastal Bangladesh will benefit tremendously from all the money you're saving by not reducing your carbon emissions.


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