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You would think that there are those who welcome global warming

dipics wrote:

If he won't cite his, I'll be happy to cite mine. I developed an
interest in this a year or so ago so decided to do a little
research on it. Now, I am interested in the actual science behind
it instead of conspiracy theories etc. so I decided to stick to the
actual scientific journals. I spent a lot of time in our local
library having them order them from all around. It was very
educational on one side, that of the scientific consensus which
states that global warming is real and we are playing a significant
hand in it.

Why only that side? Well, in my four months or so of research, I
could not find a single article in a peer reviewed scientific
publication that supported the other side. Not one. Nada. Period.


Aside from all the scientific evidence that well known group of "liberals" the insurance industry had accepted reality and is preparing for global warming - After all their the ones who do the paying.

But the REALLY bizzare aspect of this is the turning of this into a Liberal vs Conservative "debate." As if to say that liberals in some manner see this as a political opportunity instead of the disaster that it promises to be.

With Exxon Moble paying $10,000 for anyone who will "debunk" global warming, this is becoming a comedy.

This is not a debate between liberals and conservatives - Its a debate between reason and fanatacism.


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