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Re: Evidence for your conclusion?

Deecy wrote:

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"For the record, I firmly believe that the climate IS warming and
that human activity is responsible."

Would you kindly cite the evidence that led you to that conclusion?

sorry, no can do. no more than you can "site evidence" for all of your beliefs. i'm not in the habit of writing down citations for all sources of information that shape my thoughts. all i can say is that i've talked to people about it, read about the topic in science magazines, attended some colloquium talks, read a book or two that touched on the subject, listened to news stories on the radio, thought about the volume of the atmosphere vs. volume of CO2 produced by man, etc. to me, anyway, most of it seems to point at global warming and human activity. and just so you know, i DO know how to interpret experimental data - got a Ph.D. in experimental neutrino physics - plus i tend to be a skeptic (i like to see evidence for claims).

i could go digging for references that support my beliefs, but it really isn't worth the effort for a discussion in a PHOTOGRAPHY forum!



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