Just got a G7 loads of questions grip, case, book, etc

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Just got a G7 loads of questions grip, case, book, etc

I just picked up a G7 at B&H today.


1. How can I improve the grip? I saw some older posts about this... bathtub tape, velcro, etc but the pictures expired and I can't see them so I cant see exactly what to do. What would you recommend?

2. Wrist strap: Right now I'm using a wrist strap from an s400, a much lighter camera. What would be a good wrist strap to buy for the camera. I hate the included neckstrap, but the thing I'm using seems too flimsy

3. A Book to read: I bought this camera not knowing how to use all the modes and features but I knew I outgrew my manual feature-less s400. I have to get started somewhere.

Is there a good book I can read to get started so I can sorta know what I'm doing and and so I'm not that idiot with the good camera that doesn't know how to use it . Cuz right now I am that idiot. I hate being that guy!

I think how to use most the features... like how to select them and stuff. But I don't really know WHEN to use it. So I need some help here. What good is it to know how to select the shutter speed when I dont know which one to select.

4. A case: What's a good case that's small that only holds the camera and maybe another battery. That's all I take. It doesn't have to protect the camera like fort knox tho.

5. The weight. Will it be easy to get used to this? It's pretty much a can of soda attached to a string. I knew it was heavy but was unprepared kind of. It's a dense piece of machinery. But I wanted somethin with all these features so I can learn to use it, and they dont seem to make things much lighter. I guess I'm sooooo used to my tiny s400.



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