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Re: False Argument

Matt Nelson wrote:

For the record, I firmly believe that the climate IS warming and
that human activity is responsible. However, when discussing these
matters with people that seem to refuse to concede any evidence
that contradicts their belief, you must first try to find some
basis of agreement. If no agreement can be reached on the
statement "there is disagreement", then there's no sense in
continuing the discussion.

Note that the above makes no judgment on which camp is correct and
which is wrong. That debate can only happen after the parties are
willing to actually debate, rather than yell at one another.


I understood that from what you said. However, it is a common technique to try to place fringe science on par with mainstream thought by putting them side-by-side as two equal opposing camps. I will easily concede that in many fields some fringe group will eventually be mainstream, but that doesn't make all fringe ideas equal to the mainstream.

I'm not a climate scientist so I don't know if there is still a real scientific (non-political) debate on this issue, thus, I'm not one to judge. Anti-evolution people claim they want to debate the issue, but these debates often give more credence to false/fringe science then it deserves. What I see in these debates is propagandistic techniques that somehow make real scientific exploration look bad. I'll say in advance that this is a feeling I have and can't think of any examples off the top of my head.

I would very much enjoy hearing a true scientific discussion on this among leaders in the field. The problem with debates is that parties try to twist the facts to proove their points.

I detest the extent to which this issue has become as polarized as politics and it makes it a frustrating topic to read about as a scientist. In the one debate I heard recently on the radio it was clear that both sides were camped and were making arguements meant to persuade as opposed to inform.


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