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Response to Chato

Chato wrote:

Ryan McDaniel wrote: see a picture of some polar bears playing on some ice and
think they're there because the north pole melted and they're
dying. Are the people who attend Al Gore's lectures really so

I know, I know...dumb question. If they're attending an Al Gore

The Polar Bear is now threatened by global warming, or if YOU
choose you can come up with any reason at all - nonetheless ALL
those who study the Polar bear say it is in danger of disappearing.
Dumb photograph or not, such is the case. Drowning was never the
issue in this photograph and the people who released it never
claimed that. The issue for Polar Bears is very simple, open water
is not freezing at the normal times, and the bear, dependent on
hunting seals, are starting to starve to death. This is only a
minor symptom of the greater problem/

Do you think it's worth trashing the world's economy to save polar bears? They lived through the last warming period in the Earth's climactic rollercoaster, I'm confident that they'll survive this one.

All and I mean ALL climatologists, with the exception of a handful
of cranks, have now proven the above. Your evidence doesn't exist,
it was made up complete out of the kind of fantasies that one gets
from being addicted to Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.

That's complete bull! They haven't "proven" anything. Some - certainly not even a majority - have expressed their OPINION that the earth is warming. And the Goracle, with his usual understanding of things, fell for it, hook line and sinker. Climatologists who actually study the history of climate change on Earth say no such thing. Case in point; who did the Congress call to testify that man's activities are causing global warming? The Director of the NASA space program, who sat there and swore to it. He know all about it. Right.

Much the same argument is used for everrything - and no matter how
often you clowns are proved wrong, it doesn't disturb your
reasoning one bit. Whether WMD's in Iraq, or Polar Bears facing
extinction, it's all part of the Great Liberal Plot to destroy the
world. And whether the source is actually a Conservative or a
Liberal, they MUST be really liberals. "Surrender Monkies," or
"Alarmists or "traitors." And they are that because of course
they've proved to be right.

Really? On what, exactly?


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It's not that Liberals are liars, it's just that they know so much that ain't so!
(Will Rogers, I think)

Tom Deecy//

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