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And by the way...

You managed to mouth off for an entire post without addressing a single point I actually made.

The infamous "hockey stick" temperature chart from past U.N. climate reports was quietly dropped from the latest report because it had been so thoroughly discredited by all those "crank neocon fringe elements". Or as normal people refer to them, dissenting scientists.

The latest report also had to tone down its temperature increase predictions because it's already painfully apparent that the old predictions do not line up with observations. (Prediction: expect more downward adjustments to come.)

The NYT did publish a story a few years back that the north pole was gone, based on photos of open water. And they did get egg on their face when people started to point out that, had they done some background research, they would have found plenty of photos of just as much open water from various U.S. Navy expeditions.

And the photo which started this thread is being used to imply that the polar bears are desperately clinging to a bit of melting ice when that was NOT the case at all.

Oh yes...and Al Gore is a fat, wasteful, hypocritical jerk for telling us how to live while he blows $30K on electricity alone. At just one house.

Now if you care to address any of my complaints, feel free. If all you want to do is call people cranks and neocons, go drink some Kool-Aid.

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