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Symbolic of the entire fraudulent climate change movement

Let's see...we have the infamous "hockey stick" graph showing dramatic warming, beyond anything in Earth's history, in just the past century. Completely and thoroughly debunked as a lie and quietly removed from the U.N.'s latest report (even though many enviros no doubt still use it).

Then we have the computer simulations predicting run away warming for the 21st century. That is, as long as you feed them the "right" inputs. Only problem is they're not matching what we've observed in just the few years we've been using them to alarm the world. So the U.N. quietly reduced their predicted range of warming in the latest report.

And then there was the NYT story about the north pole melting away. Only problem was some Navy guy remembered and pulled out photos from early nuclear sub visits where...GASP...there were massive areas of open water at the north pole. During the 60's. Coolest part of the 20th century. Cooling so "great" that it spawned the "global cooling" scare of the 70's.

What else...oh yes...we have the movement's top preacher lecturing everyone on energy use...while he consumes 20x the energy of the average American family at just one of his three homes. "I buy credits!" he explains. Credits which reduce the total amount of CO2 output by exactly...ZERO. (Lookup: shell game.) Green Gore even has the option at his infamous home to purchase only wind power at a slightly higher cost. But I guess when your yearly bill is $30,000, you go for cheap coal.

And now poor, defenseless, hopeless polar bears, clinging to one of the last pieces of ice in the north, desperate for help before they drown. (I can just hear Al Gore's audience gasping!) Only, they're not drowning, they're playing. And they're not depressed, they're happy. And they're not desperate, they're close to an ice shore and swam out to the little bits of ice for some fun.

And if you study their numbers, you find they're not in any real danger, and in fact would be growing if the world would ban all polar bear hunting!

On top of that, it took a court order to get the crooks to pay the photographer to misuse his image. If I were the photographer, I would have sought an injunction against its misuse by environmentalists.

What a pathetic joke this all is. And to think of all the time and money wasted on "global warming" while their are children in the world starving to death.

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