An extreme example, RAW....

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An extreme example, RAW....

There has been so much discussion lately on this topic and I thought I would post an example of what can be done with NX. Here is the story, I went to pick up my little monkey at the gym last night. I took my camera simply to shoot off a single burst so I could show an example of the wb issue under those conditions. I only use my D50 for gym shooting so the settings are usually all set but I forgot that I changed them. Generally speaking, I mostly shoot at iso 1600. This was shot at iso 200, 1/250, with no flash!

I litterally worked on this for 3 minutes and I am sure with a bit more pp it could be even better. I don't think that this is recoverable in PS, not with my skills anyway, but I would welcome anybody to try and post their results.

The bad part about this is that I may pick up a new bad habit. If I can shoot this underexposed, at iso 200, what may be possible as far as shutter speed at 1600?!?!?

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