First hour with the P5000

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Peter Bendheim
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First hour with the P5000

Just had it an hour. Impressions subject to revision...

Size comparison

General Impressions

The camera is very well made. As well made as the G7? Not as solid, much lighter and much, much smaller.

But well made nonetheless. If the G7 was a D200, then the P5000 is a D50. Get it?

Nothing creaks. Everything fits well. I would have happily paid another $50 for a magnesium alloy back instead of just the front. I would have done without the chrome shield around the shutter release.
Metal tripod thread. Made in Indonesia. 8 out of 10.

Using it

Nice interface. Great menus just like D200. No need for a manual if you are a seasoned Nikon user.
Feels totally familiar and easy to use.
Very quiet, both zoom operation and shutter.
Zoom quite irritating, not enough zoom positions
Great LCD monitor, images are bright and very clear

Focuses easily, except seemed confused by a macro image and kept focussing on the background. maybe it was me. I need to check the manual, but it's on a CD, Canon style - very irritating!
Focused well in low light.
Appears to be quite fast but not blindingly so.
Overall, 8 out of 10

Image Quality

Appears to be quite good.

One can get away with minimal post processing, images pretty good out the camera.
WB seems good.
Colours seem good and true.

Images usable at most ISO's. Definitely noise at 400 and above if you underexpose!!! If you expose well (add+0.3 when you can) noise control is quite good. Better than the G7, which I find unusable above ISO400. Not nearly as good as the F30, but less smudgy.
Images clean up well with noise ninja!
ISO 3200 (5MP) much better than ISO 1600 despite smaller resolution

In a few images there was quite a bit of chroma noise in the shadow, so exposure is important.

In general, I'd say better than most, but not all P and S cameras in the noise department.
One of the best as far as out the camera images.
Most images will print very well, I would say.

I would have been happier with an 8MP chip in the same camera however.
Overall, 8 out of 10

Will I keep it? Yes, definitely. Will I keep the G7, also yes definitely.
The P5000 is for a coat pocket...The a push but it's a brick.
There is no reason to believe that the P5000 is any less durable.

About the images

Just some quick shots. Not my normal work. Just snaps. I got the camera late afternoon and had less than an hour. Then it stormed.

Blurry bits in the trees is wind movement at long exposures, NOT poor lens quality. Edge to edge seems OK. There is some PF, but it's acceptable.
Sorry, I don't have the facility to post or mail full size images.

There was some basic post processing. Sharpening, and some noise ninja in the portrait. All minimal, however.

Church at 200ISO

Lindiwe Mahlangu at 800ISO

Park in the early evening (ISO 400, 100 and 100)

Rain begins@ISO 3200

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