R1, R2, there will always be a successor

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R1, R2, there will always be a successor

Hi you all, lets think out of the box.....

50 years ago or so SLR's were developed "you could see what you got"; a mirror and pent prism made it possible to use a large range of interchangeable lenses. Nowadays that can be solved by the electronic way the way Sony does in it's R1. My ideal camera:


The view is not as crisp as a SLR but that has no effect on the final picture, and that's what matters isn't it? An advantage of an EVF is that in darker situations the view can be boosted up so you can see more of the composition. The quality of EVF's will improve, who knows about 10 years maybe be equal with a nowadays DSLR. And... live-viewing!


The R1's advantage is that lens-groups can be designed straight in front of the sensor, there's no space for a mirror-house needed! An optimal lens-design is possible that resulted in the super CZ 24-120. No dust-issues either! 24-120 is ideal for only 90% of time and the available wide-angle / tele adapters makes that range only a little bit larger for too much money and too much weight. Innovative should be to use the lens-system that the old German brands used in the 50's on their range-finders; partially in-camera and partially interchangeable lenses. Maybe the right way to go....


APS-C becomes common in the 10 MP-category and DSLR's. Why don't we use a circular type? In times with film that simply was impossible, but the nowadays sensors-technology does make this possible! An optimal use of the projected image will be required; afterwards you can choose if you want a landscape, portrait or all-square or circular print.

When such a camera-system will be developed I sure would be very interested! So others too I guess. It may be Sony or be another brand, I expect these innovations will come. Call it a R2, when the few often mentioned con's from the R1 are taken away it would be a crack of a camera / system with much potential.

Keep on dreaming!


R1, C4000, K2, ME-super and lots of lenses....

Flat view
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