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bkj wrote:

Vertumnus wrote:

For general floral photography a combination of macros around
150-200mm and 50-60mm works best.

1.The "long" macro allows not only for longer working
distance,helpful in proper lighting of the subject,but also
facilitates isloating a flower/flowers against (nicely) blurred
background,to point out the most importat merits.

2.The "short" macro is especially good for close-to-mid-range group
floral photos as well as vert small floral details at magnification
ratio near 1:1.

If I had to choose only one macro for foral phtography,I would go
for the longest focal lenght I could get.

Thank you very much for your advice. I'm now also thinking of the
Sigma 50mm/2.8 because of its low price.


Both the 150mm and 50mm Sigmas are sharp lenses, love them both.

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Sigma EM-140DG/Macro Flash
MC35 remote triger

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