Just installed Katzeye in D200

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Re: Just installed Katzeye in D200

I have a katz Eye with optibrite. After having some spot metering problems and reading this thread, I did some investigating. With an F2 Ai lens, for example, my spot metering was consistent with matrix metering at any spot position.

With a 300 F/4 + TC14 (working at F/5.6), my central spot (sitting within the split prism of course) was off by 3 full stops, making it useless. All the other spots were within 1/3 or 2/3 stops, probably 1/3 but I was not working off a tripod so don't want to give a precise number.

When I first noticed this problem I had a 500 F/4P + TC14B mounted, same F/5.6 minimum aperture. In that case, though, I was shooting at dusk and my viewfinder metering bar was blinking, indicating not enough light even though other metering modes were working.

Now taking the TC14 off the 300 F/4, the central spot is off by 2 stops.

Now using a 70-200 VR, with no TC working at F/2.8, the central spot now agrees with the other spots and also center weighted and matrix metering.

In all cases I metered against evenly lit grass to try to make matrix metering consistent with the other metering modes.

Apparently, at least with the lenses I have tried, the central spot works well at F/2.8 or faster, but is off by progressively larger amounts as the minimum aperture is decreased. Everyone would need to test this with their own lenses, of course.

This just confirms what is vaguely discussed on the Katzx Eye FAQs and mentioned elsewhere here.

This is disappointing, but personally I only use spot metering with manual exposure so I guess it doesn't matter which spot position I use. As long as the outer spots work correctly I think the benefits of the split prism outweigh the loss of the centeral spot. YMMV of course.

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