Overexposure problem

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Re: Overexposure problem

Even better...use a camera with live preview...adjust your histos BEFORE you shoot, and get it right first time, instead of struggling with these outdated relics

In a year or two, any camera without live preview will be seen as interesting old antique....Olympus are going that way, Canon have just produced a DSLR with LP...having to shoot...get it wrong then shoot again...and maybe again, when I can nail it first time with a Sony R1 or a Kodak P880 using live histos, seems vastly vastly more advanced to me...just a matter of time

DennyD80 wrote:

The best advice that I can give you is to learn to trust the
histogram and braket your exposures around the histogram until you
get the exposure the way you want it. Take several shots of the
same subject with different aperture and shutter speed settings. I
shoot in manual mode 90% of the time and I do not use or trust the
meter to get an image that I think is properly exposed. I make the
camera do what I want it to do, not what the meter wants it to do.

The histogram tells you the truth. The cameras' meter gives you a

Good luck.

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