EN-EL3e-like Enclosure for AA Batteries?

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Re: EN-EL3e-like Enclosure for AA Batteries?

The batteries you mention for the adapter that came with the D70 were CR2. I tried some el cheapo CR2 batteries from a photo swap meet once and tried it, but they must have been dead because the camera would power up, but not enough juice to power the shutter. Actually, they were duracell, but must have been really old or dead. He showed me they worked on a meter, but probably part of a scam. I ended up tossing the batteries and never tried again. Perhaps there are other oldtimers with D70 experience. If I recall, retail price on the CR2 batteries is around $5@, so about $15 for the 3 needed to fill the adapter. I think you're better off just buying an EN-EL3e and save yourself the trouble. I suppose the good thing about the CR2 batteries is that they can probably stay in your bag indefinitely until need, while the EN-EL3E batteries (and other rechargeables) lose a charge after sitting for awhile. Hope that helps.

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