DSLR's not for everyone.

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DSLR's not for everyone.

I know this guy, for the sake of privacy I'll call Joe. Well Joe is a nice guy but a little slow I guess you could say.

Since I've known Joe as an aquatence since about 2005 he's liked photography and always talked to me about it.

Since day one I always told him to do his homework and spend a lot of time here looking over this website and learning what MASP meant and how DOF & SS meant. Anyways each subsequent bumping into him he's always show me he hasn't do any real research into teaching himself photography.

As I mention that Joe's a nice soul and all and I try to be one as well to just about everyone. Well at the end of each of those subsequent talks with him I've always told him that if he doesn't do any homework then he'd waste his money buying anything other than a 150$ P&S. Well he didn't listen and bought another P&S almost as simple as the first one.

On top of that he borrowed someon's Pentax recently and well basically said I've just been shooting it on Auto and what not.

I guess the point is that there are a lot of nice folks out there like Joe who mean well but an investment of a camera and lenses is never a way to go because they'll be frustrated and end up selling everything at a loss and convincing others around them that this is just too hard to learn.

It took me over a year to get some of the basics down straight simply because I didn't learn the right stuff at the right time and didn't put a huge amount of time into this at first.

Not that I'm a pro or anything by far but I know I've come a long way for instance I've been teaching a good friend who has shot weddings for years some simple but easy stuff and its been rewarding for me to do so. I've even gotten this friend as a partner for our charity sports shooting for college sports so I'll have someone to talk to eventhough he's a canon guy.

I guess my lesson to pass on is to help out people you meet who have an interest in photography but to know when to hold em and when to fold um and when you've got your shooting partner for a long time you can learn from and teach to. And make sure where possible to learn the value of properly aged goods from people who handle with care, I always am excited to touch a camera or lens that's been where I've dreamt go and who can help me on my way.

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