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Re: Undersaturated?

I have to agree with scubamom on this. Oversaturated colours was my biggest concern when I bought my Canon pocket digicam. I've been able to adjust the settings enough to make do, but since I am Red/Green colour deficient I hate to adjust colours because I hate being called up on it when I screw them up. So far I find the colours with the SP550 very close to that of my C2100 and only slightly less vibrant than my 8080. The Olympus camera I like the best for "Natural" colours for me was the C3030 that was stolen, but the three I've got now I'm very pleased with.

I even used my C2100 to take a picture of our bathroom before we redecorated and used a software package marketed by Benjamen Moore Paint to select colours in their standard colour chart to do a virtual paint job and when we completed the project I took an after shot with the Uzi and my Canon SD700 and everyone agreed that the Oly photo was more natural and virtually identical to the Virtual paint job on paper, whereas the Canon photo was just off.

scubamom wrote:

Ben, all our cameras from the 3030, 5050, 7070, and 8080 are not
oversaturated in any way. I often have to bump the saturation up a
tiny bit with Photoshop. Since we kept buying the next generation,
I did color comparisons between them as we purchased them to the
older models. Reason was we usually travel with at least two of
them and I didn't want to have to color correct one to match the
others once we got home and I was putting a travel article
together. The colors of all these are/were very close to each
Our C-50 and SP-350 have a bit more saturation and run toward more
reds than the others. Easily fixed.
Our new SP-550 is going to need a bit more staturation to match
photos taken with our older models, but it's doable.
I must work with a lot of canon photos, and some Nikon ones
submitted by our website clients. Canon is usually so
oversaturated that I spend a LOT of time toning them down. Nikon
is pretty close to our Olympus. These have been various types of
Canon and Nikon cameras, mostly in the pro-consumer lot.
But that's just my own experience. One thing we've always liked
about Olympus is that the colors are very natural. This becomes
very evident with our Caribbean photography... hard to catch those
natural blues and greens in the sky and ocean and have them be the
right colors. Olympus always did this beautifully for us.

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