RAW or Jpeg = Pro or Amateur?

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Re: Switched to RAW--Gives You The Most

Canon has been listening, finally!

The jpeg engines on recent cameras are much better than on the 10D.

peepingtom wrote:

alexmih1 wrote:

Once I reasd and understood what RAW really was, I saw no good
reason to shoot JPEG except if I really needed the conserve space
of my CF card at an event.

You never know ehen you will get then one amazing eye catcher shot,
and when you got it, you want all the flexibilty to touch it up,
and RAW gives you that

Good points, though I've recently just stuck with jpeg on a 5D and
99% of the shots I don't feel I needed that extra leverage from
RAW. I guess it's down to how well the jpeg engine performs, but I
find that setting it to 'neutral' gives me a fair bit of latitude
still within Photoshop - so long as the exposure is pretty much
spot on at time of capture.

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