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Re: I went from a P2k to a...

Hi Ed,

I'm a little unclear if your comment answers my question or not.

I know the Hyperdrive is fast and everything, but what I want to know is if the Epson P-5000 can copy data to a Hyperdrive using the Epson's host USB interface. I want to download the CF card to the P-5000 initially with it's nice deep and worry-free CF slot, and then copy from P-5000 to Hyperdrive. If the Epson fails, only then would I resort to using the Hyperdrive's CF interface to download directly to it.

I realize this sounds a little crazy since the download to the Hyperdrive is so fast, but I think these shallow CF slots are an accident waiting to happen, and I'm just not going to risk it. If I break off a pin, I've not only made that reader useless, but if the pin breaks off and stays in the CF card, then that becomes useless to me as well; at least until I can pull out the pin.

So, do you have a P-5000 and have you copied data to a Hyperdrive from it, or do you just have a Hyperdrive and a P-2000 and you use them independently? I'm definitely sold on the Hyperdrive's speed, but I'm not going to risk using it's shallow slot if I have something better.

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