epson p-5000 vs. alternatives

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Jerry Hamm Forum Member • Posts: 67
Re: I went from a P2k to a...

Hi Dennis,

I'm wondering which drives you tried with the OTG feature of the Epson that didn't work?

I'm considering this unit, but as a backup I'm also considering something like a HyperDrive SPACE, or some other stand-alone storage unit with a CF slot just but no display in case this one dies. I would really like to go PC-less, but no way would I put my faith in one unit; I need another disk + CF reader as a backup.

This is going to sound crazy to some, but I plan to initially download to the Epson, then copy to another unit if I can find something that works. My issue is with the depth of the CF card slot on most of the other units. Too shallow, and I don't want to risk bending/breaking pins. Even if the other unit has faster download, I'd do things this way just for the peace of mind since the Epson fully encloses the CF card. Don't know why other companies don't have deeper slots; it's idiotic IMHO.

Anyway, just wondering what drives you might have tried to get some feel for what works and what doesn't. I have a P2000 that will probably work, but it's 16 oz. and I'd like to get something in the 8 oz. range.

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