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ALL K10d's Have VPN, & Likely Grip-HPN Too

From GordonBGood, who probably knows more about digital camera guts than the rest of us combined:

"It seems likely that most K10D's have HPN when used with the grip, just that 1) Not everyone that has a K10D also has a grip and 2) Not everyone that has both a K10D and a grip use the camera in a way where they see HPN. It's just like VPN in that I believe that all K10D's have it (even after the firmware 1.1 patch that fixed vertical banding at longer exposure times), just that not all users take images that show it up."

In his post, Gordon explains that vertical pattern noise and horizontal pattern noise arise from K10d hardware, and that both probably will require hardware fixes.

BOTTOM LINE: ALL K10d cameras (regardless of firmware version) have the vertical pattern noise problem (VPN). And it now seems highly likely that ALL K10d-Grip combos have the horizontal noise pattern problem as well (resulting in "grid" noise because of the simultaneous presence of vertical pattern noise)(HPN).

PENTAX has known about both problems for months; they received CDs with photos showing the problem, have received analyses of the problems from technicians in the digital photography industry, and have looked at K10d cameras and K10d-grip combos returned for evaluation and repair. The following is for anyone interested in looking at a very small sampling of the evidence:

Is vertical pattern noise an underexposure problem? No.

Is vertical pattern noise an ISO1600 problem only? No.

Can you make use of K10d's full and PENTAX-touted dynamic range without VPN? No.

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