lenses for "publishable" interiors

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lenses for "publishable" interiors

hello Pentaxians!! i'm glad to have joined the group!

bought the k100d kit a few weeks ago along with a bunch of accesories. did a few hundred testshots with it since then and the kit lens seems quite decent. actually i'm impressed by it (so many people were bashing kit lenses that i prepared myself for the worst; by the way: i'm not very new to photography so i know what quality is:) ..for the price, the 18-55 is nice).

in about a month i have to do some photographs of interiors and most of them will get on the internet and some of them might get published in architectural magazines. i know this has been discussed before but i am still asking for your help since you are experienced and publishing seems to require(imho) an exceptional lens.

my budget is unfortunately quite restricted at this point (would have gone with the 14mm or 31mm limiteds if only i had the money). my choices at this point are (maybe i'm thinking too much of actually having the lens as a walkaround too and not only for interiors):
Pentax 16-45mm ---400euro

Sigma 17-70mm (i'm very attracted by the macro abillities)--340euro(why so cheap?! from what i read it is almost as good as the pentax 16-45, with slight yellowish cast, but otherwise good..provided you get a decent copy)
sigma 24-60mm--410euro (doesn't seem wide enough but i heard it is very good)

..i really am attracted to this beauty: Pentax 21mm ltd---unfortunately 520 euro :((

am i looking in the right direction? do you have other lenses that you might recommend (somewhere under the 450-500 price range; euros,dollars, whatever...camera shops in europe haven't heard that 1euro=1.3dollars..i envy the prices in america) ? could someone please tell me if the 16-45 and the 17-70 are suitable for quality large prints?

Sorry about the long text. Thanks for helping and happy shooting to all Pentaxians out there!

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