Las Vegas questions.

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Las Vegas questions.

Planning on spending 4 nights in Las Vegas in Sept to go to a football game.

Friday: Arrive in the morning about 9 and will rent a car.

Plan on spending the day walking the Strip to get some pictures or maybe do some shopping.
That evening will head to the Fremont area.

Saturday : Game day although don't know if its day or night. If its day then can hit the Strip at night. If its night then maybe do a short trip to Red Rock or some other place that is close.

Sunday: Either Bryce Canyon or Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe Bend. Leaning towards Antelope. If going to Bryce, I'm planning on getting up about 2-3 AM and start heading out. If going to Antelope, I can start out a little later.

Monday: Shopping or going to the Strip, whatever I didn't do on Fri. Then get some city lights that night. Thinking about going up the Stratosphere and/or Eiffel Tower.

Tuesday: Leave


1) Will one day be enough at Bryce? It seems like Antelope would be a shorter trip since the premium time to photograph is shorter. Seems like both is about 4.5 hours away. I want to do something a little farther away since I'll be going to Vegas periodically with my family and can do the shorter stuff then. I'll be going alone n theis trip.

2) At Antelope, any problems with Valley Fever?

3) Taking pictures of the lights on the Strip, is it worthwhile going to both Stratosphere and Eiffel Tower, or is one better than the other. Planning on bringing a tripod, any problems using it up there? Enough room? Looking at the observation deck at the Stratosphere, its surrounded by glass, any problems shooting through the glass? Much shake from the wind in either place?

4) Anyplace out of town to get the city lights of the entire Strip?

5) Any reasonably priced but do-not-miss places to eat? I haven't been to Vegas in over 4 years, any new places to shop or visit? Also will be going next year during spring break so will try to scout out some things for my then 4 year old to do.

6) I've rented cars before and driven from Houston to Memphis and back but what is the proper thing to do if say I'm headed out to Page and the car breaks down? I've never really thought about emergency plans (I must be getting older and more cautious). Not a member or AAA and don't know if they work with rental cars. Should I join AAA ( not much need for AAA in Hawaii)? Could get me some maps. I will also have a GPS unit.

7) Able to place a GPS unit on the windshield? IN CA, its illegal.

Thanks for any help with my questions and I would appreciate any additional advice. I've been doing a search for the past few days and been trying to read up as much as possible but always up for more good tips. I did order two books :
Photographing the Southwest - Southern Utah
Photographing the Southwest - Arizona

Is the book Mastering Landscape Photography: The Luminous-Landscape Essays any good? I haven't done much landscape stuff. Mostly do sports and that's why I'll be in Vegas, to shoot the Univ. of Hawaiii-UNLV football game. My wife likes Vegas and there is so much to see in that area so we'll be there at least every other year. I want to go to Arches, Zion, Grand Canyon, etc but those will have to wait a bit.


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