Petition for Photographer's rights! (Australia)

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for the cross

Kluso wrote:

roger tcb wrote:

Kluso wrote:

Chato wrote:

dh steffi wrote:

Freedoms are misused and abused because people are evil by nature.
I prefer strong government over anything goes.
Windmills, just do it.

I've looked at your posts and for the life of me can't find one
post that deals with a strictly photographic question.

You cannot trust posting history on DPR, look at my posting
history, it does NOT show that I have been posting here since 2002
and own many cameras either.

Caused by glitchy DPR software that occasionally chucks a wobbly.

How many boards do you post on with this rather fanatical biblical


Zut Alors, are you the fameurse Inspecteur?

Kluso, this is a seriurse matteur that needs investigation. Read ze
peursts. Zere are manair manair delusionistes ere, some of zem vair
suspicious and I sink many of zem do not even own ze cameras.
Roger the cabin boy.

Me thinks you are correct. lots of armchair photogs here devoid of

Think what you want, my camera serves the lord and no one else.
Windmills, just do it.

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