70-200mm VR & 1.7 Tele?

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Re: 70-200mm VR & 1.7 Tele?

RobertMc wrote:

SSISteve wrote:

I have this combo and find it does very well. I do notice that the
focusing is a bit slower with the TC attached. You should be fine
with the focusing speed unless you are trying to get a quick shot
of your spouse chasing you with a bat after she gets a look at the
credit card statement.


The worst I've ever done to my husband is cut an ATM card into a million pieces - OK slight exaggeration there.

I agreed, it better be a really fast lens to capture that (and if
it is, I wont post it here)!

You'll be fine - just give her a SPA day for your anniversary or just because. The "just because" is the best one. Oh, I do mean a SPA DAY, not just nails done or something - the full treatment. She'll forgive you, but still be honest.

I have a few things that I will sell to help reduce the
swings/beatings and high shutter speed needed to capture it..
I would say its a done deal.
Thank you all for your help in this matter,

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Rob, you'll love the lens. You'll take great pictures of her & family with it etc etc

There won

t be any beatings, but there may be a few words heading in your direction. SO - do something special for her, but tell her you feel she deserves it & that you know you've gone over the budget & you're working with it to defray the cost etc. SPA DAY & flowers will make her feel good. Those are things for HER. She'll know the difference.



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