New FZ50 Owner

Started Mar 14, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: New FZ50 Owner

For wide angle, I'm using a canon WD58 on my fz30 with excellent results. I've actually been using the lens for about three years on video cameras, but it works well on the fz30. You just need a 55mm> 58mm stepup ring.

I bought it to go with a Canon GL1 video camera and also use it with both a Sony PDX10 and dsr 170. Take a look around on ebay if you want to find one at a low price. Otherwise box shops like B&H sell them for around $170.

Olympia makes a decent telextender - tcon-17 for a low price. It can be found under $100 and it is good glass... Have fun with your cam and take it easy, but take it.

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