Petition for Photographer's rights! (Australia)

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Re: Petition for Photographer's rights! (Australia)

justahack wrote:

IvaBigin wrote:

justahack wrote:

Good grief.

I'm an Australian, and a photographer.

I hardly think the intent here is to throw folks taking pictures of
the surf, ocean, beach, public beach activities

Unfortunately this already happening and this is while it is still
perfectly legal to photograph!!

Oh yeah? Give me the name and arrest docket number for anyone who
has actually been arrested in Australia for taking pictures of the
surf, ocean, beach, or public beach activities... This stuff is all
public record you know and it's not even a FOI issue to get it.

Of course there is no arrest dockets... that's because it is NOT illegal ! This does not mean that people are not getting removed from beaches for talking photographs.

I myself have spent time looking across a police table at cops threatening me with all sorts of rubbish, because I was taking photos along Surfers beach (of buildings mind you!). This situation ended only because I have the balls to stand up for my rights and walk out.

Another member of was recently confronted by police for taking pics up around Caloundra way (info on this in freely available at the site). Again there is no arrest docket, but the police actions made it clear to him that his removal from the beach pretty much had to be accepted, as the only other option would have been a "scene".

Then there is the whole non-police side of things where you have private security guards over stepping their authority and stopping "legal" photography.... not to mention the public approaches with threats of physical violence and their quick assumptions that "anyone with a camera is a pervert, so let's call the police?"

If you haven't been effected by any of these things then that is great!! ...there is hope for us yet. But it IS going on and it IS effecting many of us.

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