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Daughare wrote:

I have heard very good things about Photojunction as well - and
it's Mac compatible. I have just downloaded the "test drive" and
began to play with it, but it appears to be a huge time saver over
an all PS workflow. Several of my photographer friends have been
using it for years and have nothing but good to say about it. I
don't think it has all the special effects that fotofusion seems to
have (drop shadows and the like) but the folks I know that use it
just pull pull the finished page layout into PS and "fancy it up"
there. It also has built in support for many of the most popular
album manufacturers - including page specs, order forms, mat styles
(for matted albums), and all the different cover options. It works
on small "proxy" files to speed workflow and avoid resampling
images as you change your mind on image size on a page. It then
takes full rez images for the final output.

Here's the link:


Thanks a lot. I'll do the test drive on Photojunction and see what shakes out.

I received an email within the last hour or so from Fotofusion saying they had no plans to build a Mac platform edition now that the Intel Macs are available with Parallels or Bootcamp.

I guess it makes business sense from the standpoint of not designing backwards compatibles.

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