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Re: FF sensor by Intel?

did I say, that nobody needs a 1Ds? The 1Ds has a resolution of
nearly 17MP and is a camera for a very small market - not only for
the price.

Ok, but I wouldn't mind if Sony made an even better body in 2 years time for half that price. Heck, that market might be bigger than we imagine.

If you google, you will find lots of articles which describe the
resolution of lenses and lenses in combination with classical film.
From article to article the named resolution might vary from 20 to
25MPs. So heading for 32MP nowadays is very ambitious for technical
reasons and with the lenses in mind, which are in the market and in
the possession of the users.

I know those articles, but what they always fail to see is that higher resolution lens designs were possible. The CZ designs Sony now uses ARE higher resolution designs than the "old" Minolta ones, which were high resolution designs to start with BTW. So the market is changing: those 20-25 might be or rather CAN very well be higher. If the claim of 250-320l/mm for current CZ planars is correct, we should be able to extract 54-88Mp from a 24x36mm sensor.

Also let's not forget the 10Mp of the A100 is crammed into a very TINY sensor, at least when you compare it to FF. And if a 12.8Mp sensor is possible using todays lenses on APS (Nikon D2Xs), then this translates to 29.7Mp on FF right now. I've not heard anybody complain about the resolution of the D2Xs.

Plus it would be wise to remember the sensor technology is still rather in it's infacy, it's not too long ago people en masse said digital would never replace their film camera's. Right. I was cautious, and said it would take 10 years. Oeps...

Pros, who might need those high resolutions for printing (huge
formats, art print), will often look for (digital) mid and large
format to achive those resolutions easier than with a 35mm cam.

"35mm" is popular because the IQ is good, but the size & cost is rather modest (when compared to 645 or bigger formats), esp. for the longer focal lengths. So even a 1Ds is small and "cheap" when compared to medium format camera's, and if a pro finds the IQ is adequate for his needs he'll use a 1Ds.

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