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Re: Kinda negative review...

The only way to know for sure is by trial and error--Buy one, test it yourself (minimum 1000 shots)--and if not happy, return it. Better yet, buy several competing models at your local store where they have no restocking fee or shipping charges and then return all the loosers (it helps if you have a week vacation ha).

Heck, even if your have to pay shipping to return it and 10-15% restocking fee it's worth it for peace of mind. It helps to pay attention to detailed reviews by and others but........

Better to buy the one your happy with and spend a few extra hundred bucks in the process than buy one that's not QUITE RIGHT for you.

Of course this requires a lot of time!!

This is the same with those darn pesky PC's which keep changing and improving (usually) so darn frequently!

We can't keep up!!

Can you see the future around 2025? around 2050? Can you see our kids & grandkids laughing at us?

If we extrapolate the changes for the last few years we get:

75+ megapixel sensors (more sensitive than any film camera), 100+ frames per second continuous shooting, 2400x1600 video @ 100+fps, 50+ optical zoom (perpendicular plus conventional), Every control you can think of, instantaneous startup, 1000 shots or more per battery charge,

Now if we can just find that DeLorean with the flux capacitor.

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