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Re: Will tourism suffer?

wmsson wrote:

I wonder what the Australian Tourism Board thinks of those would-be

That's a bit of an all or nothing attitude isn't it?

Maybe he doesn't plan to photograph the off the track shots that interest you? Hmm?

I have plans
to go to Australia in the next few years, specifically for
landscape photography

Amazing! So YOU don't care about photographing people! No criticism intended. I shoot birds. On the other hand, neither you nor I are the only type of photographer in the world.


The non ability to shoot photos on a
crowded beach will not affect me one bit. Those that I could take
from the seaside will not be popular swimming spots.
I don't see how the banning of cameras on public beaches in
Australia will affect you that much.

Maybe he LIKES to shoot candid shots of people? Strange as it might seem, I know a number of photographers who make a living doing this, and others who simply like to take shots of people.

If the only reason you would
go is for the beaches and the ability to snap photos of your kids
or companions while there, there are indeed 1000 other places you
could go that would cost far less for airfare. I don't see how any


Assuming quite a lot aren't you?

Pulling out a camera on a crowded public beach and snapping
photos will only irritate all those around you who do not want
themselves or their children to be caught in the frame of your

Some people care some don't. Common curtesy should be a guide here.

It wouldn't have bothered people as much many years ago
before digital cameras and the internet but there are now new
issues that must be dealt with. Digital imaging and the internet
has caused a proliferation in the display and trade of very graphic
images of children of any age you can imagine. A photo of child in
a bathing is more than enough for a pedophile or those who only
view images to get their fix.

Good for them! They can get their fix by looking at a childrens fashion magazine, they can get their fix in a thousand different ways. The question here is HARM to children, or invading our privacy.

There are 1000's of sites with 1000's
of customers involved in this type of activity. If banning cameras
from public beaches prevents even a very small portion of these
images ever being made in the first place, I'm all for it.

Well then, you have a might road to hoe. Start with fashion magazines, childrens bueaty pagents, the Sunday Times magazine...

With the infinite number of places where I can freely take photos,
I don't worry too much about the places where I can't. And how many
people actually do a lot of photography on a crowded beach? Many
people complain about their right to do something being taken away
when they never have and never will exercise the right anyway.
All of the current laws being proposed in various countries only
affect a rather small number of photographers.

Things ALWAYS start out small. And then they become the norm, and we move on to the next step. If you feel that this doesn't affect you, the next step will.

It is unfortunate
that these people will lose the right to do something. But it will
also take the right away from those who will do it for nefarious

There have always been "peeping Toms," pedophiles, or whatever perversion that people can get into - it's always existed. And there are laws - Good laws, when someone takes their perversions to the point of doing harm. Are you suggesting that some socially retarded person, who attacks no one, harms no one, be sent to jail for a peerversion which affects NO ONE?

While some of the laws being proposed seem to be an overreaction,
they are indeed just being proposed. There's always a question of
how taking rights away from minority people who don't deserve them
will affect the majority who will not abuse that right. Many people
blame the politicians who in many cases are simply trying to do the
right thing, just like a lot of us here would do if we were a
politician. People seem to view themselves as good people and
anyone who is a politician as not being just a regular human being
like them. It's easy to knock those who don't seem to do a very
good job at the impossible task of pleasing everyone.
Or is there a consiracy amongst all politicians to implement a Big
Brother society? These proposed laws must be a first step in
implementing their plan while they hope we don't notice what's
really going on?


We live in a society which sexualises children. Which turns them into sex objects. I am not talking about the porn industry, rather the mainstream. Whether childrens fashion magazines, or childrens "beauty contests," or a host of other manifestations. We objectify children.

This is unhealthy. The solution is NOT to deal with those who take photographs on the beach, (or a park, whatever) but to cease this objectification. And we can start by NOT regarding someone who thinks kids are cute, and photographing them, as a pervert. We can start by celebrating children as CHILDREN and not as adult sexual objects.

I don't fear someone masturbating at home. I fear the deranged person who either harms children, or is part of the industry that capitalises on the sexualisation of children.

If a picture taken on the beach is considered pornography, we are in deep do doo...


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